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Through a meticulous step by step commissioning process and advanced functional performance testing, APEC Mechanical provides clients with complete quality assurance for their buildings and/or systems. We give clients the opportunity to confidently validate the design and implementation of their projects by constructing customized Owner Project Requirements (OPR), Basis of Design reports (BOD), Commissioning Plans & Specifications, Testing, Training, and Maintenance Planning. The APEC Mechanical team helps facility owners and managers improve and maximize energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and increase performance while lowering the operation and maintenance costs. Download our Testing Services Brochure to learn more.

Listed below are the services that APEC Mechanical offers:

Testing Services

Functional Performance Testing

Functional performance testing of equipment and systems is at the heart of the commissioning process. Equipment operation during the tests is performed by the appropriate contractor or equipment manufacturer, but the responsibility for directing, witnessing, and documenting the tests rests with the commissioning authority.

Indoor Environmental Air Testing

Most Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems are system related and can be traced to microbial contamination and/or poor ventilation. APEC Mechanical can conduct a basic IAQ investigation to identify the source(s) and recommend appropriate remediation of IAQ problems.

Air and Water Balance

Total System Balance is the process of testing, adjusting, and balancing HVAC systems and subsystems to perform at the design intent and operate at the optimum level. The process includes a review of the design documents, construction observation, and a methodical approach to testing and balancing that yields verifiable results.

Pre-Building Plan and Design Review

This service assists in determining the balance ability of a system, thus reducing the time required for balancing and contributing to more efficient and economical system performance.

Energy Calculation and Rebates

APEC Mechanical continues to develop foundational energy saving calculation tools and other resources to encourage greater consistency and technical rigor in the commissioning process.

Peer Review

APEC Mechanical represents the client’s best interests by working collaboratively alongside the design and construction teams to ensure that established objectives for long-term durability, serviceability, and performance are maintained throughout the Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document phases of the design process. During the Pre-Construction and Construction phases of the project, APEC Mechanical will continue to work closely with the design and construction teams to further develop and refine the design.

Controls Verification

Controls are set to a proper fixed mode to prevent any changes during the balancing and until proper operation is verified.

Hood Certification

Proper testing and certification of fume hoods and biological safety cabinets is crucial for a safe environment. Total flow quantities - both exhaust and supply, as well as face velocities - is adjusted in order to achieve effective performance of the hood exhaust systems.

Life Safety Testing

We ensure fire and smoke control systems are tested and verified in accordance with local regulations and codes.

Clean Room Certification

Cleanroom Testing Engineers test and certify cleanrooms and other controlled environments in accordance with industry standards and practices. APEC Mechanical is a member of the Controlled Environment Testing Association.

Commissioning Services

Whole Building Commissioning

APEC Mechanical will validate all building systems during construction; including building envelope, technology infrastructure, any alarm, paging or alert notification systems, audio/visual presentation systems or any other operating system within the building. In short, anything affecting the building performance, occupant comfort, or user services within a building are part of Whole Building Commissioning.

Retro Commissioning and Re-Commissioning of Existing Buildings

APEC Mechanical conducts a comprehensive audit to ensure the building systems (hydraulic, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, fire, and control systems) are operational as originally planned and constructed. Tests are performed to identify where operational, design, or mechanical/electrical/control have compromised the performance of building services.

Commissioning for LEED Certification

We provide an integrated approach that will assist in achieving your sustainability-related goals. We manage projects from conception through certification to identify, evaluate, and document all LEED point requirements.

CalGreen Commissioning

APEC Mechanical complies to the guidelines and scope set out in the new California Building Code, referred to as CALGreen, which also requires commissioning of new non-residential building construction. New buildings must utilize environmentally advanced building practices that decrease waste, reduce water consumption, improve indoor environmental quality, and conserve resources.

EPA Energy Star Certification

To increase the likelihood that a building meets its energy performance goal and earn the Energy Star, APEC Mechanical helps architects and building owners verify that the building is operating as intended.

Building System Optimization

APEC Mechanical has the design and operational experience to review the operations of your systems (control sequences, TAB reports, design drawings, etc.) and recognize inconsistencies, problem areas, and energy saving opportunities.

Energy Audits – ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3

An Energy Audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process, or system to reduce the amount of energy input. APEC Mechanical provides ASHRAE Level 1, 2, and 3 Energy Audits, which consist of a Walk-Through Survey, Energy Survey and Analysis, and Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications, respectively. Download our Energy Auditing Brochure to learn more.