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As an all inclusive process, Commissioning essentially formalizes the review and integration of project expectations during all phases through planning, inspections, documentation, and functional performance testing. Download our Commissioning Brochure to learn more. Below are the Commissioning Services that APEC Mechanical has to offer.

Whole Building Commissioning

In short, anything affecting the building performance, occupant comfort, or user services within a building are part of Whole Building Commissioning. The following general Commissioning guidelines are used:

  1. Owner’s Project Requirements.
  2. Basis of Design.
  3. Commissioning Measures Shown in Construction Documents.
  4. Commissioning Plan.
  5. Functional Performance Testing.
  6. Documentation & Training.
  7. Commissioning Report.

Retro Commissioning and Re-Commissioning of Existing Buildings

APEC Mechanical conducts a comprehensive audit to ensure the building systems (hydraulic, mechanical/HVAC, electrical, fire, and control systems) are operational as originally planned and constructed. Tests are performed to identify where operational, design, or mechanical/electrical/control have compromised the performance of building services.

Commissioning for LEED Certification & Sustainability

We provide an integrated approach that will assist in achieving your sustainability-related goals.

  • LEED: We streamline the certification process by managing projects from conception through certification to identify, evaluate, and document all LEED point requirements.
  • CALGreen: APEC Mechanical complies to the guidelines and scope set out in the new California Energy Code, referred to as CALGreen, which requires commissioning of new non-residential building construction.
  • Energy Star: APEC Mechanical can assist building owners in attaining the EPA Energy Star Certification by verifying that planned energy performance goals are met operationally.

Building System Optimization

APEC Mechanical has the design experience and operational experience to review the operations of your systems (control sequences, TAB reports, design drawings, etc.) and recognize inconsistencies, problem areas and energy saving opportunities.

Energy Audits – ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3

An Energy Audit is an inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process, or system to reduce the amount of energy input. APEC Mechanical provides ASHRAE’s 3 Level Energy Auditing Process:

Level 1: Walk-Through Survey
Level 2: Energy Survey & Analysis
Level 3: Detailed Analysis of Capital Intensive Modifications

Download our Energy Auditing Brochure to learn more.

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